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Congratulations on winning a mini session with Jeanette Ortega. Here we have attached two videos for you to review and get an experience with Bootoga.

Hi! I am Jeanette,

I am a lover of life and I am honored to share and spread the wealth of health & fitness for your mind, body and soul. Please join me on this journey of wellness, a journey to inspire us to become fit from the inside out. Jeanette is a health and wellness expert, writer, three-time Bestselling author, fitness model, Owner of Extreme Results Fitness, Inc, creator of her own method Bootoga®, celebrity trainer, life coach, certified yoga instructor, speaker and WBFF Bikini PRO. Contact her on any of her social media sites or email. 

Lucky you, we've add two videos for your review.

Day 19 Meditation

Day 19 Yoga

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