Bomb Body Challenge


Are you tired of not feeling confident in your own skin? Are you ready to commit to being healthy, feeling sexy and walking with confidence? Or.. maybe you’re ready to turn it up a notch with your workouts and finally focus on getting your bomb body?

This course is for you!

During this 4 week challenge, each workout is specifically designed to get you to your bomb body in 30 days. If you make the commitment and stick with the program, the benefits you gain are:

  • strength
  • energy
  • endurance
  • dropping of inches
  • feeling great
  • bomb body confidence

Here’s what to expect in this challenge:

  • 5 workouts per week, 2 rest days per week
  • You will be encouraged to eat healthier through this challenge, increase your hydration, and get good quality sleep for recovery and rejuvenation.
  • Its encouraged that you take your measurements prior to starting. Ex: inches of chest, waist, hips, legs and arms, weight, body fat if you have access to it. And then re-take all measurements again after challenge is completed.
  • Have fun, enjoy the process as you get pushed to your limits. Remember your WHY!
  • SHOW UP FOR YOURSELF! Make time in your schedule daily for YOU! Don’t cancel on yourself.
  • HAVE FUN, tell a friend or family member that you’re doing this challenge and have them keep you accountable to your commitment.
  • Reach out to Jeanette at any time for support, questions and encouragement!

We have learned that Health is Wealth these past few years. Don’t waste any more time dreaming about the “new” you… let’s get into action on creating your bomb body!

Are you ready?!