Little Black Book of Fitness

Jeanette Ortega along with a powerhouse group of fellow Wellness Warriors, including Dragan Trajkovski, B Real, Nicole Zapoli, Cesar Martinez, Karen Elaine, Chris Shah, Dani Lau, Mike Messina, Kate Tyler, Donald Padilla, Donna Krech, Dr. Karl Jawhari, Jackie VanCampen, Jason Johnson, Angelica Perman, Karen Desouches, Tim Cole, Kate Purtle, Linda Okwor, Vince Pena, Lynn Heubach, Troy Hoffman, Meredith Kramer, Don Schneider, Shkira Singh, Daniella Park, and Kyle Wilson, approach fitness from the Mind, Body and Spirit!

Jeanette and the Winner of NBC’s The Biggest Loser, Frontman of Cypress Hill, International Kickboxing Champions, Fitness Competitors, Nutrition and Weight Loss Experts, Marines, and more, share their authentic, from-the-heart stories of remarkable life transformations. This book will touch and relate to exactly what the reader may be going through in their fitness journey of mind, body, or soul with powerful tips and inspiration on how to get through obstacles they encounter and come out the other side more determined and validated than ever.