Waiver Must Be Signed!

Hello Members,

I hope you have all had some time to view and play around with the NEW Bootoga Membership site, and hope you all are enjoying it.

As we all love the awesome content that has come with our website, we need to ensure all members, have accepted out Terms and Conditions, this will only take a minute or two.


Here are 3 simple and easy steps.


1. Click on the “about” tab under your profile.

2. Click on “edit profile”

3. Under the “Edit Profile Tab, you will see “Waiver” Click on it!

Click on the checkbox, add your digital signature and date, then click SAVE and you’re all done!


We hope you are enjoying the website as much as we had building it. More tabs, and features coming so stay tuned.




Thank you,

Bootoga Support

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