Bootoga Workouts

Jeanette's trademark fitness method... Bootoga®!!! This is a fusion of Boot camp, yoga and meditation. This is a full one hour workout that incorporates it all! You will get toned in your mind, body and soul and will keep coming back for more! Enjoy this full body workout and all you need is a yoga mat, dumbbells, yoga blocks and some energy!

Operation Shredded

This program is dedicated to helping you get shredded from top to bottom with a foundational training, strength training workouts, and metabolic workouts for a symmetrical physique. If you are in search of a "hot body" program, this one's for you. We use different tools such as: dumbbells, barbells, resistance bands, TRX and body weight movements to help you get lean and shredded.

21-Day Workouts

Are you ready to start your 21 day journey into feeling healthy, more energetic and at peace?

21 days of 21 minutes of your time, 16 minute workouts and 5 minute meditations...that's it!

In the next 21 days you will experience fitness for your mind, body and soul on a whole new level.

Track your progress and create a healthy lifestyle habit to stay! ENJOY!

Meditations Videos

We are so excited you are here to start your journey with the  Meditation workout challenge. As you need to you can pause, and even rewind if you need too. Good luck and well see you on the last video

HIIT & Functional Workouts

These are a BIG variety of High Intensity Interval Training and Functional workouts to help you lose weight, step up your cardio health, tone up and SWEAT! You will be challenged with these workouts and can choose from Tabata Style to Bodyweight workouts. You will not get bored with these workouts and your body will thank you.