Tasty Recipes By Jeanette

Enjoy a variety of healthy recipes, video cooking tutorials and a Grocery list for your next trip to the store of the good proteins, carbs, fruits, vegetables and saturated fats. 

Let's fuel our body with goodness and make healthy eating a lifestyle for longevity, vitality and enhanced immunity. 

Grocery List

Grab your FREE grocery list that I provide for your next shopping trip and let's get started into a healthier eating lifestyle. Your body will thank you.
Also, enjoy my video cooking demonstrations for more guidance. Contact Jeanette for a personalized eating plan for your specific needs. 

Trusting Jeannette to provide me with a meal plan to fit my fitness goals is something I never regret. Not only do I get the results I want by following her meal plans, but I also never feel hungry or low energy. She provides you with a simple Grocery List of healthy foods you can choose from and she even checks up on your progress which is a great way to hold you accountable. I just want her to know how grateful and thankful I am for always showing me the right way to fuel my body with healthy nutritious foods.

Jessica Contreras